The Benefits of Selling on nuMONDAY


On the nuMONDAY marketplace we are proud have over 700 makers, independent designers and creative entrepreneurs who have opened a shop with us and are selling through our incredible marketplace.

We offer an easy set up and simple payments, which means you could be selling within minutes of signing up with us.

Unlike other marketplaces we offer zero listing fees and you can list your items for as long as you require without the need to relist.

We offer three account packages all on a monthly subscription ranging from £3.99 per month for our Basic Account to £7.99 per month for our Pro Account.

The difference between our accounts is the sales commission charged on each sale.

Our Basic Account offers 6% sales commission which is the amount we take on each sale, whilst our Standard Account offers 3% and our Pro Account 1%.

All of our sellers receive 100% of their shipping fees on all our accounts.

With a nuMONDAY shop there are an amazing number of benefits when you join that are all included with your account:

✅ Creative and small business focussed

Over 700 makers, independent designers and creative entrepreneurs are selling on nuMONDAY.

✅ Your own online shop

Your very own online shop that can be personalised with your own nuMONDAY URL.

✅ No joining fee

There are no hidden, sign up or administration fees.

✅ No listing fees

List as many items as your want for as long as you want for no additional cost.

✅ Secure Payment

We use secure servers to manage all payments and personal data.

✅ Instant Payments

You receive all your sales instantly directly into your account.

✅ Professional Reports

Track your sales, invoices and print shipping labels for your items directly through your shop.

✅ Get Found

Be found by over 100,000 unique visitors each month from within the UK.

✅ 24/7 Support

We are always here to help and take your through any questions you might have.

✅ Coupon & Discount Codes

Offer your customers personalised discount on your items.

✅ Write a Blog

Access to write a blog within your own personal profile to share to the community.

✅ Connect with Others

Interact with other sellers through our community and your personal profile.

✅ Email Notifications

Instant email notifications of customer queries, interactions and of each sale.

✅ Access to Business & Selling Tips

Access a range of tools and articles to help promote your brand and online presence.

You can open your shop and start selling your first item by clicking here.


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