How to add Variations to your Items


Adding variations to your products is a great way to save time instead of having to add products that are the same but come in different sizes or colours for example.

It is also a great way to make the customer experience a lot easier and smoother and increase the chances of your customer buying from you.

To add a variation to your product the first thing you have to do is go to “My Shop”, then “Manage Products”.

Once in “Manage Products”, you can either add a new product or edit existing products that you may already have in your shop.

When you have chosen whether it is to add a new product or to edit an existing product you fill in the detail as normal and when it comes to “Product Type” you choose “Variable Product” rather than “Simple Product” as illustrated below.

You then have to go to “Attributes” as shown below.

Once you have done this you have to go to select Attribute and choose the variation type you wish to add and click “Add”.

Then you will enter your different variations into the Values box, spacing each with the symbol on your keyboard “|”.

Before finally ensuring the “Use for variations” box is ticked.

Each of these steps is highlighted below:

Once you have followed these steps you for to “Variations”, as shown below and select “Create Variations From All Attributes” and click “Go”.

This step will generate your variations as follows:

By clicking “Expand” you will be able to edit things such as price for each variation, add a different featured image for each variation, which is handy if the colour is different plus many other options such as shipping etc if you want to change these dependent on the variation.

After you have completed these steps you would ensure the rest of your item information is listed and Add your product to your shop and the marketplace.

*If you have multiple variations for a product simply repeat the process


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