4 Steps to Improve the look of your Shop


Making your nuMONDAY shop look good is a big part of a customer’s decision making process when it comes to buying from you.

Often customers will look deeper into the seller, their shop and their other items before making a decision whether to shop from them.

Our most successful sellers have fantastic looking shops with brilliant cover photo’s and profile pictures with links to social media that work!

We thought we’d take you through some tips for making your shop look fantastic.

Store Banner

When creating a store photo banner for your shop, we suggest using a banner that is 1024 x 256 pixels.

This should fit the height and length of the banner area completely covering the generic “Welcome to my nuMONDAY Shop” banner.

No Ordinary Emporium use their banner brilliantly as you can see from below:

No Ordinary Emporium use a Banner that covers that fits and looks professional

To change your store banner photo simply go to My Shop > Shop Settings > Branding.

Shop Icon Photo

The tip to a good Shop Icon Photo is to have it the right size.

The Shop Icon Photo should be your brand logo and be to the size of 300 x 300 pixels.

Write On It use their Shop Icon Photo to good use as you can see below:

Write On It use their shop profile to highlight their brand

By using the correct shop icon photo size, Write On It are making it clear to their customer who they are shopping from as well as looking professional in the process.

You can change your Icon Photo by going to My Shop > Shop Settings > Branding.

Shop Description

A good shop description needs to be short, to the point and describe what it is you are selling.

Having a long shop description can look messy and lose a customers interest very quickly.

Oldhaus use this brilliantly with just one sentence to describe their shop:

Oldhaus use just one sentence to describe their shop

By using just once sentence to describe their shop it looks clean, professional and gives the customer enough to have a browse through their items.

You can change your shop description by going to My Shop > Shop Settings.

Social Media Links

Linking your Social Media pages is essential for customers shopping from you.

Customers like to do a bit of research before shopping from you and there is no better way than looking through Social Media pages.

Unicorn Over Rainbows use their social media links to great use as you can see below:

Unicorns Over Rainbows use their social media links to link up Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for customers to find and follow them

You can change your social media links by going to My Shop > Settings > Social.

Please follow the guidance provide for entering the links within the settings as these are different for each social platform as some require URL and some require just the username.

*Please always check your social media links work on your shop after entering them

Let’s Improve Your Shop

With these four quick tips, you can make your shop more appealing, accessible and professional to customers.

Let us know how you get on and share your new look shop with the #nuMONDAY on Twitter or tag us in a screen shot on Instagram (@nuMONDAYcom) of your improved looking shop!

Visit nuMONDAY.com to Log In to your account or click here to open your very own nuMONDAY shop.

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