How to Blog on nuMONDAY


We’ve added a new feature here on nuMONDAY that allows all of our members to write their very own blogs!

We believe blogging is a great way to share your journey and story behind your crafts and your shop.

Developing a story behind your brand is a great way to engage potential customers and is very simple and easy to do.

Here is our quick step guide on how to start your blog on nuMONDAY.

Where to Start

To start your Blog, simply log into your account go to Community > Write A Blog Post.

You will come to a page that looks something a little like this:

Draft Blog Page

This page is where you start writing your newest or first Blog post.

Simply write a title like “My First Blog Post” or whatever your blog is about and start telling your story.

It’s as simple as that!

Add Photos and Videos

You can add Photos and Videos to your blog by simply clicking the “+” sign which appears when you are writing your blog.

It looks a little like this and appears at the start of each line within your blog:

Add Videos or Photos by clicking this symbol

This allows your blog to come to life and become more interactive to the reader.

Edit the Format and Font

You can edit the format and font of your text by using the usual keyboard commands for bold, italic or underlined or you can highlight the text you wish to change and the following appears to allow you to edit it:

Highlight the text and change the format

By being able to change the format you can make your blog easier to follow and read as well as making it more interactive and eye catching to the reader.

You can also link up parts of your blog with external and internal sites that are relevant during your blog allowing the reader to go and explore further within your nuMONDAY shop or out of the community.

Add a Featured Image

No blog is complete without a featured image that will highlight what the blog is about.

To add a featured image simply click the “…” symbol which is located next to “Publish”, “Save” and “Preview”.

This will open a link that looks like this:

Add a Featured Image that will be the Cover Photo for your Blog

By adding a featured image you are adding a cover photo for your blog that will appear when you link it on nuMONDAY and across your social media channels so make sure you choose a relevant and appealing photo.

Save, Preview or Publish

You can save your nuMONDAY blog posts to work on at a later time or date by simply clicking save.

These will then be available within your profile to edit at a later date.

Once you are ready to publish your blog simply press Preview to have a sneak look at the final article or go straight to publishing by clicking Publish.

Once you have published your blog post, it will be available on your profile, on Community Updates and within Members Blogs for other members of the community to read.

Share Your Blog

After you have published your blog you will be able to share it across social media by clicking the share buttons found on the post.

The sharing tools look like this:

Share your blog across social media using the sharing tool

Sharing your blog across your social media channels will increase the chances of your blog being found and increase your readership and engagement of your blogs.

Give it a Go

Now that we’ve shown you how to Blog on nuMONDAY, why not go and give it a go.

Blogging may seem daunting at first but even if you just introduce yourself and speak about your nuMONDAY shop or your interests to get started you will find it easier with practice.

Putting a story behind your shop is a great way to increase customer engagement and allow new and potential customers to find your brand online in a noisy internet world.

Like always, if you need help with anything simply email us at and we’ll reach out as soon as we can!

Happy blogging!


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