How to Maximise your Sales


Let’s face it, you are on nuMONDAY to make money and share your amazing items with the world.

You’ve spent a lot of time making your items, setting up your shop and then listing them.

So we thought we’d give you a few quick tips to maximise your sales on our marketplace.

Good Photos

Good photos are essential to sales.

Our advice is to invest time taking your photos, try new techniques and ensure you show the item at it’s best.

When you shop online you want to see professional and clear photos.

We advise not to watermark photos.

Having watermarks can distract your customers from paying attention to your photos or items detail, whilst having clear and visible photos attract customers attention.

You can read our guide to taking photos here.

Good Descriptions

Describing your item is important as it essentially describes what your items if and about it.

Having good descriptions helps a customer know about the item so include things like sizes, weight, colours, material or whatever is relevant for the customer to know about.

Product Tags

Our search system is weighted slightly by Product Tags.

Having good Product Tags is important but do not go overboard on them.

You want them to be relevant i.e. if you were selling a Coffee Mug you might have the following product tags:

“Mug, Mugs, Coffee Mug, Coffee Mugs, Cup, Coffee Cup, Kitchenware”

We recommend having up to 8 product tags on items.

Relevant Categories

We only allow items to be listed in two categories.

Making sure they are listed in the relevant category is vital for a customer to find them.

For example, if they are searching for a light they are not going to want to see a greeting card amongst the listings.

We audit listings on a daily basis to ensure this is not happening so you may find your categories could change on your items.

If you have an item that does not have a category within our options then simply email us at and we’ll create it.

Professional Looking Shop

Having a professional looking nuMONDAY shop is vital.

Customers don’t always look at just your item when they click on it but they tend to browse more about you as a seller and at your other items.

The nuMONDAY shop Oldhaus has a professional look and feel to it

Making your shop look professional and welcoming is essential for success.

Have a read of our 4 Steps To Improve The Look Of Your Shop for guidance on doing this.

Share Your Items

When you list your items share them across social media!

On every item listing we have sharing icons which anyone can click and share across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and much more!

Click the icons on your listings to share your items across social media

Use the #nuMONDAY when you share your items on Twitter or Instagram and we’ll be sure to like, comment or retweet them!

Write A Blog Post

On nuMONDAY we offer a blog tool which allows your to write a blog and share it amongst the community and out with through your social media pages.

Why not introduce your shop, items or document what you are working on currently and share it across the community and your social pages.

Creating blog posts is a great way to drive traffic to your nuMONDAY shop.

For guidance on writing a blog have a read of our article How To Blog nuMONDAY.

Up Sell and Cross Sell Options

When listing items on nuMONDAY you can add Cross Sells and Up Sells.

An Up Sell shows other items against that item for customers to perhaps buy instead of with that item.

Up Sell example from the nuMONDAY shop Bottle Baking Co.

A Cross Sell is similar to an Upsell except it is shown at the Cart for the customer just like below:

Up Sell example from the nuMONDAY shop Bottled Baking Co.

You can read our guidance on how to add Up Sells and Cross Sells to your items here.

Link Your nuMONDAY Shop On Social

Every nuMONDAY shop has it’s very own unique URL.

We recommend you linking your nuMONDAY shop to all your social media pages where they allow for a web address to be entered.

This will mean people can shop your nuMONDAY shop directly and find your items easily.

It will also allow for new followers to discover you and the nuMONDAY marketplace.

To get your nuMONDAY URL simply follow the following steps:

For shops with just one worded names

Your unique URL is:

For shops that are made up with more than one word and with a space between each:

You can find your nuMONDAY URL by going to My Dashboard > View Store and copy the web address from the address bar.

Maximise Your Sales

Following the above tips will help you maximise your sales on your items.

We recommend you auditing your shop and items on a monthly basis to ensure product tags are relevant, photos are in line with our guidance and that you are sharing on a daily basis!

Remember to use the #nuMONDAY on any sharing you do on Twitter so we can retweet you!

Happy Selling!


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